Site History

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2007-09-24 added Gallery to the site
added Primetime Emmy Awards list to the Awards page
2007-07-22 added DVD Profiler Frappr! map
2007-04-18 updated Roolku's Layout for DVD Profiler 3 to version 2.33
2007-04-09 added Roolku's Layout for DVD Profiler 3
updated Links page
2007-02-27 added Golden Raspberry Awards List
updated Academy Awards list
2007-02-19 added BAFTA Film Awards List
2007-01-16 updated the Golden Globes Award List to include the Nominees and Winners of the ceremony for 2006
2006-11-06 added the Scream Awards (SpikeTV) to the Awards List page
2006-10-29 updated Mithirandir's Skin (Skins section on DVD Profiler page)
2006-10-16 added MTV Movie Awards to the Movie Awards List page
2006-07-10 added Site Statistics
modified site layout (static width and header)
2006-06-26 added the Movie Awards Lists page
Note:César Award List updated on 2006/06/28
2006-06-05 I have moved the site to a new host. Since I was quickly discovering limitations at the previous host (Yahoo! Geocities, go figure; nice basic services nonetheless), I decided to move in order to overcome the shortcomings. Nothing major, really, but obviously enough to make me switch after less than two weeks.
added Google Map API
2006-05-20 moved site to my own domain
[no more Yahoo! ads!!! :-); but they still put some garbage code at the end of mine :-(]
added "My DVD Collection" using phpDVDProfiler
2005-08-23 added separate page for Mithirandir's Skin to the Skins section
(accessible from the Skins section)
2005-08-02 page layout completely redesigned (now using CSS)
2005-06-06 added "Forum posting tips..." (aka The Billy Video) by Lunchitmemama (with kind permission from the author)
2005-03-19 added Mithirandir's Skin and "Wie man Sun's Java security policy für Skins in DVD Profiler anpasst" to the Skins section
2005-02-28 updated Academy Award list
2005-01-29 added updated version of roolku's skin
2004-09-25 added Academy Award list
2004-09-03 added "How to adjust Sun's Java security policy for skins in DVD Profiler" to the Skins section
2003-05 page created