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My DVD Collection on Invelos Software's server
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Invelos Software, Inc.
My DVD Collection on InterVocative Software, LLC's server
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Intervocative Software, LLC
Last uploaded on May 8, 2007; no longer updated.
Some of my pictures on public display
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DVD Profiler related links:

Invelos Software
DVD Profiler 3.0
Invelos Software

DVD Profiler
"The best way to catalog your DVD addiction, DVD Profiler is built on a dynamic user-contributed database that's always up to date!"

DVD Profiler Mobile
"DVD Profiler Mobile is the perfect portable companion for DVD Profiler. Synchronize with your desktop and always have your collection info at your side!"

Intervocative Software, LLC
DVD Profiler 2.4
InterVocative Software, LLC

"DVD Profiler version 3.0 is now available for download from Invelos Software. [...]

InterVocative Software is now owned by Invelos Software, and by me, the original developer of DVD Profiler. See the Announcements forum at Invelos for more details.

Support for version 2.4/2.5 will continue in the short term here at InterVocative, [...]. We'll post more details soon in the Annoucements forum here."

DVD Profiler Forum De

Das Erste Deutsche DVD Profiler Forum!

Forum de Cyrille Forum de Cyrille

Comme annoncé sur le forum officiel de DVD Profiler, j'ai décidé de créer un forum francophone pour les utilisateurs du logiciel afin de pouvoir dialoguer plus facilement dans notre langue maternelle sur la traduction du logiciel, les règles de contribution, aider les utilisateurs débutants, sur des questions à propos d'un profil, etc...


DVD Profiler Knowledge Base DVD Profiler Community Knowledge Base

DVDProKB:Community Portal
Deutscher Mirror (German version)
Miroir français (French version)
Rules review Forum Unofficial DVD Profiler Rules Review Forum

DVD Profiler Resource Centre DVD Profiler Resource Centre

Hosted by DVDoug on DougWeb
phpDVDProfiler phpDVDProfiler

Displays your DVD Profiler XML Export on a web server using PHP and MySQL.
To see what it looks like, click on "My DVD Collection" in the menu on the left.
phpMyProfiler phpMyProfiler

phpMyProfiler is a skript to display DVD Profiler-exports on your own web-server.

addicted2dvd's TV Series Episode Guides addicted2dvd's TV Series Episode Guides

Collection of TV Series Episode Guides to be used in the Notes field of DVD Profiler 2.4 or in DVD Profiler 3.0 alternatively in HTML windows.
TomGaines TomGaines' DVD Profiler Resource
  • DVDProfiler Cast & Crew Editor
  • Cast & Crew Viewer
  • TV Data for Cast & Crew Viewer
Mithirandir's Home
  • Skins for DVD Profiler
    • Mithirandir's Skin
    • DVD-Live Skin
  • Reports for DVD Profiler
  • German Episode Guides BrowseDVD makes sharing your DVDProfiler links easier.

Online list of DVD collections, categorized by size.
Although we all know, that size doesn't matter...


DVD Collectors Online
DVD Collectors Online

This site is dedicated to DVD Collectors to give them a place to discuss about software, hardware, movies, TV shows, collection handling and anything related to collecting and owning DVDs.

The Internet Movie Database

Earth's Biggest Movie Database™

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" is a multiplatform and multilingual office suite and an open-source project. Compatible with all other major office suites, the product is free to download, use, and distribute."


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Google Earth Google™ Earth - Explore, Search and Discover

Google Earth combines the power of Google Search with satellite imagery, maps, terrain and 3D buildings to put the world's geographic information at your fingertips.

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My Placemark
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