DVD Profiler Contribution Guide

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the DVD Profiler online database!

As part of our on-going quest to improve and refine the largest database of DVD information in the world, we have created this guide. Completing this guide is now a requirement of contributing to the online database. This will help to ensure consistency in the database, and help to reduce inaccurate contributions.

Although you must complete all questions accurately to finish the guide, all answers to the questions are on the same page as the questions. Also, if you miss any questions, we'll show you what you got wrong so you can finish the guide quickly and easily.

We hope every user learns something from the guide, and that completing the guide helps in your enjoyment of DVD Profiler!

What to contribute

The first step to accurate contributions is deciding what to contribute. If you're unsure whether a particular entry should be contributed, it probably shouldn't be.
  • Contribute only "DVD Video" DVDs - no CDs, DVD-Audio, video games, Video CDs, or VHS titles will be accepted.
  • Do not contribute "bootleg" or otherwise illegal DVDs.
  • When contributing a title entered by UPC, make sure the UPC is valid. Do not contribute titles with "made up" or otherwise inaccurate UPCs.
  • When changing an existing profile, before editing the profile, make sure you've refreshed it from the online database so that you're starting with the latest version.
  • Box Sets should be contributed as a single profile, unless the DVDs are individually packaged, such as in keep cases.


The DVD title should match the title of the original work, which generally is the title on the DVD cover.
  • Never add distinguishing factors to the title (such as "Widescreen" or "Special Edition"). Use the Desc. field for these.
  • Check capitalization of the title. Joining words such as "of", "the", "a", "in", etc. should not be capitalized unless they are the first word in the title.
    • "Lord of the Rings" is correctly capitalized, "Lord Of The Rings" is not.
    • "The Matrix Reloaded" is correctly capitalized. "The matrix reloaded" is not.
  • The title should match the language of the locality, and should not have an alternate title (for instance in another language) included.
  • Possessives are generally not part of the title - for instance, it's "Vampires", not "John Carpenter's Vampires".
  • Episode monikers are part of the title, and should be separated with a colon and space. i.e. "Star Trek III: The Search for Spock".

The Desc. field is for distinguishing between DVDs, and for indicating special versions. It's usually safe to use one of the built-in selections if appropriate. Before you enter something that's not in the list, consider whether it will help distinguish between multiple versions of a given DVD.

Sort titles should differ from the title only for titles which start with articles (A, The, etc.). For most titles, let the sort title match the title. Do not add numbers or letters to have titles sort out of direct alphabetical order. If you'd like to change the sort order of  titles, be sure to enable 'Private Sort Titles' under Tools->Options->Defaults.  Examples of well formed sort titles:

  • The Majestic -> Majestic
  • Star Trek: Insurrection -> Star Trek: Insurrection

Overviews and Easter Eggs

Overviews should generally match the overview text on the back of the DVD case. If there is no overview on the case, a simple 1-2 paragraph overview should be used. Always match the overview language to the profile's locality.
Never include the following items in overviews:
  • Reviews
  • Extra features 
  • Hyperlinks or other HTML
  • Easter eggs
Easter Eggs are extra features hidden on the disc and not accessible through an obvious menu option. Be sure to match language of the easter eggs to the profile's locality.
Never include the following items in the easter egg section:
  • Mistakes or bloopers
  • Reviews
  • Extra features which are accessible through normal menu options 
  • Hyperlinks or other HTML

Actors and Directors


The actor names and roles played should be those listed in the DVD credits, in the same order listed. When adding actors, follow these guidelines:

  • Do not use IMDB-style roman numerals in actor names.
  • For voice-only roles (as in animated titles), add "(voice)" to the role.  Otherwise, the role should be that listed in the film credits.
  • Include only actors in the actor display. Crew (such as director, cinematographer, etc.) should not be included.
  • For box sets, include only those actors who star in every DVD in the set. Additionally, box set actor listings should be limited to top billed actors only.
  • Do not include artifical actor entries to act as separators between cast lists. (i.e. "--JAPANESE CAST--")

Take care with director names.  Misspelled directors are one of the most common errors in contributed profiles.

For box sets, include the director only if they directed every film in the set.

Cover Images

Before submitting new cover scans, make sure your new covers are of significantly higher quality than the existing online images, and meet the following criteria:

  • The covers must match the profile exactly, including the UPC and locality.
  • Image size must be at least as large as the existing online covers. If you don't have a premium registration, you will be unable to verify this. Therefore, submit only images you have personally scanned at 100 DPI or higher, ideally 120 DPI.
  • Image quality must be at least on par with the existing online covers.  Covers which are larger than existing images but are of inferior clarity will not be accepted.
  • Images must not contain extra watermarks or site links.
  • Images must be of the front and back only.  Do not include the spine in either the front or back image.
  • Make sure neither front or back is of reduced quality from the existing scans.

Do not contribute generic "Coming Soon" images.  If the back image is not yet available (as in a pre-release), use the front images in both places.



The Other Features field is for features which do not have a specific indicator in the features section. Do not relist features here which are described in the specific features. Example: "Making Of" should not be listed in the Other Features section - it is indicated by selecting "Featurette" in the Features section


The SRP should be the original SRP when the DVD is first released, and must not reduce over time, although the DVD may. Also ensure the currency type matches the locality.


Audio format channels should be entered as "matrixed". Therefore, Dolby Surround should be 3 channel, although it is physically stored in 2.
Description Enter As
2-Track Mono 1
Stereo 2
Dolby Surround 3
Dolby Digital 5.1 5.1
DTS 5.1 5.1

Contribution Notes

When you contribute a changed profile, you are asked to include Contribution Notes. Use this space to enter explanations for changes to an existing profile [...] Describe in detail what data you added, which incorrect data was removed and what subtle changes were made (such as a spelling correction to the overview).

If adequate name sources how the corrected data was verified.

Guide Complete

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the contribution guide, and your registration is now authorized to submit contributions. To keep up to date with the latest contribution guidelines, see the FAQ section of dvdprofiler.com.

Please follow these guidelines when submitting contributions. A pattern of violations of these guidelines will result in a warning via email, and suspension of contribution authorization. Repeated violations will result in a permanent removal of contribution authorization.

If you have any comments or suggestions for this guide, please send them to dvdprofiler@intervocative.com.

Thanks for your time and interest in completing this guide!