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I have been using DVD Profiler, THE database software for DVD collections, since early 2000. Originally provided by InterVocative Software (IVS), it is now owned by Invelos Software. During that time a few things related to that software piled up, which you can find below... (More can be found in the Links section of this site.)


On Doug's site he compiles all sorts of downloadable stuff that are helpful for the use of DVD Profiler. Most of my stuff can also be found there:
DVD Profiler Resource Centre

Also hosted ion Doug's site is the "DVD Profiler Community Knowledge Base" Wiki, where users write tips and help for users:
DVD Profiler Community Knowledge Base
(deutscher Mirror)
(Miroir français)


On June 30, 2005 the Contribution Rulesreplaced the previous Contribution Guidelines (for the curious, this is what they looked like):

As part of our ongoing quest to maintain, improve and refine our DVD database, we have created these rules. These rules apply to online contributions. You can use DVD Profiler locally, or you can contribute to the main online database, or you can do both. If you want to contribute to the online database, the rules tell you how to complete each DVD Profiler field.


roolku's DVD Profiler Skin

I have updated roolku's entire skin (internal and external) to work with DVD Profiler 2.3.1 (roolku appears to have left his project). The skin still works with DVD Profiler 2.4.0, but obviously with some limitations.

Furthermore, users Doombear and Mithirandir have converted the skin to a Layout to be used with DVD Profiler 3. Doombear's version, only the layout without the additional functions, can be found on the Invelos Layouts Download page, for Mithirandir's version, which includes the additional Gallery, Headshots and Download functions, follow the link below.

Please go to my roolku page to download.

Mithirandir's Skin

Mithirandir's Skin goes way beyond just showing the content of the profiles in DVD Profiler. Multimedia content can be displayed and downloaded(!)as well as additional information from external files.

Please go to my Mithirandir page to download.

RHo's Skin:

I like RHo's skin for it's simplicity. However, "It shows all of the info without much scrolling. The info is divided in groups selectable by radio buttons." The skin "RHo comparison" is excellent for use in the "Profile/Image Comparison" screen when previewing changes of updated profiles.

Please go to the author's RHo DVD Profiler Page to download.


If you are running © Sun Microsystems Java and have trouble running the above skin, try this:

How to adjust Sun's Java security policy to run skin in DVD Profiler

Wie man Sun's Java security policy für Skins in DVD Profiler anpasst

Episodes Guides in Notes

Episode Guides for TV Series, which can be placed in the Notes field of a profile in DVD Profiler. If HTML is enabled, these can be quite pretty to look at and will give you a nice summary of what happens in the episodes on the DVDs. Originally started by addicted2dvd, there is now quite a cult following. You can find them on the addicted2dvd's TV Series Episode Guides page, hosted by ajm.

Academy Awards list

(updated June 26, 2006)

The Academy Awards® list has been moved to the Movie Awards Lists page.

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DVD Profiler Frappr map

User detlefs created a Frappr map for DVD Profiler.

To see the map on this site, go to my DVD Profiler Frappr! Map page.