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In 2004 I was looking for a list (ideally in spreadsheet format) with all the Oscar® (Academy Awards®) nominees and winners. The only list I could find that could easily converted into a spreadsheet was the Movie-STAR database hosted by Cuadra. The initial list, "released" on September 24, 2004, was based on that. I subsequently found that the list contains numerous errors and also omits quite a few entries. Therefore I went ahead and overhauled the entire list using the official Awards site as source. That is the version you will find below.

The project expanded when Mithirandir's Skin for DVD Profiler (by user Mithirandir) started to make use of the list and displayed winners and nominees for a movie, read from a TXT file export of the spreadsheet. Other users started to create similar lists for other Awards and provided them to Mithirandir, so that they could be shown in the skin as well.

Spreadsheet format

All Awards spreadsheets have the same basic format. It is (almost) the same format I used for the initial Academy Awards® list and later stayed the same, since Mithirandir was requiring the data in this format for use with his skin.

The original items are:

Added for functionality and further information are:

The files:

The files are made available here in MS Excel format (.xls). I use OpenOffice to edit the files (a nice side effect is, that the files are much smaller), as I don't want to shell out the bucks to purchase the Microsoft product.

If you don't have Excel, you can download the

to open them.


If you have any correction, comment, suggestion or question to any of the lists, would like to add a translation or if you have created one by yourself for another Award, please contact me.

The lists are basically in English, unless otherwise noted. Only the Localized Title column contains the Film Titles in another language.

Academy Awards® list

Oscar Official Site: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Author: ya_shin
Content: 8,832 winners and nominees
1927 - 2006
Localized Titles: German (Mithirandir), French (Popoff) (up to 2005)
Source: The Official Academy Awards® Database.
Download: Academy Awards list (1.71MB)
uploaded on 2007-02-27

This list is in an "extended" format:

The spreadsheet contains a List tab and Master tab. The Master tab contains all the data while the List tab is used to display the Award list. The header of the Localized Title column is used to switch the language of the Localized Title column. You should be able to drop down a list and select one of the available languages. If for some reason the drop-down is not accessible, you can enter English Title, French Title or German Title into the field manually.

BAFTA Film Award list

BAFTA Award Official Site: British Academy of Film and Television Arts
Author: richierich
Content: 983 winners
1947 - 2006
Localized Titles:
Source: British Academy of Film and Television Arts
Download: BAFTA Film Awards List (62kB)
uploaded on 2007-02-19

Berlinale list

Golden Bear Official Site: Berlinale
Author: Jurgy
Content: 404 winners
1951 - 2005
Note: Categories and Country names are in German!
Localized Titles: German (Jurgy)
Source: Berlinale Archive: Prize Winners
Download: Berlinale list (35kB)
uploaded on 2006-06-26

Cannes Film Festival list

Golden Palm Offical Site: Le Festival International du Film
Author: hal9g
Content: 675 winners
1939 - 2005
Localized Titles: none
Source: not specified
Download: Cannes Awards List (51kB)
uploaded on 2006-06-26

I have another version of this list by user Jurgy which contains some additional information. I will try to merge the list provided by hal9g with Jurgy's version. (I have started recently, but it's quite messy to do, so it may take a while...). In the meantime you can download it here (55KB) (689 winners and nominees). I believe I also have list with German (also contained in Jurgy's list) and French titles somewhere, which I would try to incorporate at the same time.

Césars list

Césars Official Site: Les Césars du Cinéma
Author: Popoff
Content: 2,457 winners and nominees
1975 - 2005
Note: Categories and Country names are in French!
Localized Titles: none
Source: not specified
(possibly: Les Césars du Cinéma - Recherche)
Download: César Awards list (118kB)
uploaded on 2006-06-28

Emmy® Awards list

Emmy Official Site: Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
Author: TomGaines
Content: 1,368 winners and nominees
2000 - 2007
Localized Titles: none
Source: Wikipedia: Primetime Emmy Award
Download: Primetime Emmy Awards list (62kB)
uploaded on 2007-09-24

Golden Globes® list

Golden Globe Official Site: Hollywood Foreign Press Association®
Authors: dougman36g and ya_shin
Content: 6,409 winners and nominees
1943 - 2006
Localized Titles: German (Mithirandir, incomplete)
Download: Golden Globes list (368kB)
uploaded on 2007-01-16

MTV Movie Awards list

MTV Award Official Site: MTV Movie Awards
Author: TomGaines
Content: 911 winners and nominees
1992 - 2006
Localized Titles: none
Source: mainly: Wikipedia: MTV Movie Awards
Download: MTV Movie Awards list (49kB)
uploaded on 2006-10-16

Golden Raspberry Awards list

Razzie Awards Official Site: Golden Raspberry Award Foundation
Author: TomGaines
Content: 1.529 winners and nominees
1980 - 2006
Localized Titles: none
Source: mainly: Wikipedia: Golden Raspberry Awards
Download: Golden Raspberry Awards list (64kB)
uploaded on 2007-02-27

Saturn Awards list

Saturn Award Official Site: The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films
Author: dougman36g
Content: 3,155 winners and nominees
1972 - 2004
Localized Titles: none
Source: not specified
(possibly: Past Saturn Awards)
Download: Saturn Awards list (133kB)
uploaded on 2006-06-26

Scream Awards list

Scream Award Official Site: Scream Awards
Author: MadAcid
(with small contributions by ya_shin)
Content: 151 winners and nominees
Localized Titles: none
Source: Scream Awards
Download: Scream Awards list (12kB)
uploaded on 2006-11-06